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Dear Alumni,

Back in 1984, I was a newly certified 21-year-old teacher when I was interviewed for a position in Saint Anthony’s English Department. When hired by then Chairperson Brother Etienne Jaeckel, O.S.F., I never imagined how much I would come to love the school, its faculty, staff and Brothers, and most significantly, my students – The Friars.

Now 27 years and approximately 17,000 students later, Brother Gary and the Franciscan Brothers have given me this wonderful opportunity to serve as Director of Alumni here at Saint Anthony’s. It is my greatest hope that as such I will be able to connect with many of those 17,000 students and those who preceded them in order to bring them back into the Friar Family.

Our school is recognized as a prestigious academic institution and a phenomenal athletic powerhouse. As Alumni, each of you should be extremely proud to be graduates.

My primary goal is to rebuild the Friar Alumni Association in order to better communicate with you and allow you to become more active members of our school community. Our more recent graduates may find our Facebook page, Friar Alumni Association, to be a good source of upcoming Alumni events. For those more traditional Alumni, you will receive mailings from my office in the near future. The good old-fashioned telephone also works well for me!

I sincerely thank Brother Gary, the Franciscan Brothers and the Selection Committee for this opportunity. I could not be more grateful or happier to take on this task. I look forward to having each of you participate in the Friar Family experience.

Friars Forever,
Denise Creighton


Mike Connolly

Alumni Office
Saint Anthony''s High School
275 Wolf Hill Road
South Huntington NY 11747
631-271-2020 Extension 310

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